5 Celebrities Who Have Dental Implants

February 10, 2022

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two celebrities with dental implants on red carpet

From movies to music to social media, a lot of the content we consume revolves around celebrities. From the way they dress to the way they do their hair, celebrity looks often lay the groundwork for what others want to achieve with their style. This also extends to the award-winning smiles that many of them are known for. Though it may seem like some A-listers are born with gorgeous grins, many of them have had work done to achieve those perfect pearly whites. Read on to learn about five celebrities who have dental implants to thank for their sensational smiles.

#1: Mike Tyson

With a career spanning 20 years, Mike Tyson is a legendary boxer who has expanded his horizons to TV and film. During his active years of professional boxing, he lost several teeth. This led to him undergoing various dental makeovers, including having his missing pearly whites replaced with dental implants. He’s also had his smile whitened and gotten veneers to give it a more aesthetic appeal.

#2: Ed Helms

Recognized for his roles in “The Office” and “The Hangover” movie series, Ed Helms’ gapped grin in the latter wasn’t created using makeup or special effects. The actor had dental implants placed several years back, so all he had to do to look like he was missing teeth for the movie shoot was remove the restorations.

#3: Christie Brinkley

This supermodel, actress, and entrepreneur was in a helicopter crash several years ago that left her with an injured wrist and two broken molars. She ended up having her damaged teeth replaced with dental implants and has been very open about how much she loves them as well as how natural they look and feel.

#4: Nicolas Cage

Actor and film maker Nicolas Cage is well known for going to extremes to achieve the desired look to play certain characters. Cage even went the extra mile for one role by having his teeth extracted! Since tooth extractions are permanent, this left him with gaps in his smile. He had the missing teeth replaced with dental implants and also got porcelain veneers and underwent orthodontic treatment and teeth whitening.

#5: Chris Rock

Actor, writer, producer, director, and stand-up comedian Chris Rock had top teeth that were worn and protruding when he was younger. Since this made it difficult for him to capture an audience’s attention, he later got dental implants and veneers to give his smile a more appealing look and increase his confidence.

As you can see, not even celebrities are born with perfect smiles. If you have gaps in your grin that you want to fill in, contact your dentist to set up a consultation so you can be on your way to a red-carpet-ready smile!

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