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Family Dentistry – Norwood, MA

One Dental Office That Meets Your Family’s Needs

Little boy holding a toothbrush in the dental chairIt’s not unusual for everyone in the family to have separate oral health needs - and often at the same time. Your spouse may need a dental implant, your teenager might be getting their wisdom teeth, and you could want a whitening treatment to help your smile look its best. At Central Dental Associates, all of those needs can be taken care of by a family dentist in Norwood, all in one office. If you’d like convenient, high-quality care for your loved ones, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What Does It Mean To Be a Family Dentist? 

A dentist examining a child’s mouthBeing a family dentist means that we’re able to provide the same level of care to everyone in the family, regardless of what their age or dental needs are. From the very first checkup for babies and toddlers to root canals and dentures in the later years, we’ve got your family covered.

And we do more than simply provide treatment for dental problems as they arise. We’re also focused on prevention to help our patients minimize the need for dental work as much as possible. That might include sealants, fluoride treatments, nightguards, and oral hygiene tips.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

One of the main benefits of visiting a family dentist is convenience. Rather than keeping up with multiple dental appointments in a number of different practices, you can bring every member of the family to see us on the same day. In addition to offering block scheduling whenever possible, our team also schedules appointments as early as 7 am and as late as 8 pm on weekdays, and we also have Saturday hours as well. Having a healthy smile shouldn’t be an inconvenience, so we want your family’s dentistry to work with everyone’s schedule.

Another advantage of seeing a Norwood family dentist in our office is that we have multiple dentists on staff, including several specialists that have completed advanced degrees after dental school, including:

As experts in their respective areas, they can help you and your family feel comfortable, no matter the procedure. Children, in particular, often feel more comfortable having procedures such as extractions or restorative work in a familiar office they’ve visited many times before.

Along with specialty care, decades of experience, and a gentle touch, we also offer sedation options such as nitrous oxide to help both kids and adults alike have a stress-free experience.

Our Family Dentistry Services

We offer a wide variety of services and create personalized treatment plans for all of our patients. Here are just a few of the services we provide for our Norwood families:

If you’d like to make life a little easier by having all your family’s dental needs taken care of in one place, give us a call. We look forward to meeting you!

We’re proud to serve you!

Visit our contemporary practice and learn why Central Dental Associates has been Norwood’s premier choice for family and restorative dentistry since 1965. We’re located in Norwood, MA at Chestnut Green, convenient to patients from Walpole, Westwood, Medfield, Dedham, and surrounding areas. Call today!

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